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Sketchnoting: What is it and Why Does it Work

Written by Mandy Johnson

Sketchnoting, also known as visual note-taking, is a method of taking notes that involves combining text and images. This technique has gained popularity in recent years due to its effectiveness in improving memory retention, comprehension, and engagement. In this blog post, we will discuss what sketchnoting is and why it works.

Sketchnoting involves using visual elements such as drawings, diagrams, icons, and symbols to represent ideas or concepts. The use of images in note-taking helps to create a visual hierarchy, making it easier to understand the relationships between different pieces of information. By using both text and images, sketchnoting helps to engage both the logical and creative sides of the brain, making it easier to remember the information.

There are several reasons why sketchnoting works:

1. It engages different parts of the brain

The use of visual elements in sketchnoting engages the creative side of the brain, while the use of text engages the logical side of the brain. This dual engagement can help with memory retention and make it easier to understand complex ideas.

2. It simplifies complex ideas

Sketchnoting can simplify complex ideas by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable parts. The use of images can also help to clarify ideas and make them easier to understand.

3. It promotes active listening

Sketchnoting requires active listening as it involves summarising and synthesising information in real-time. This can help to improve focus and engagement, leading to better retention of information.

4. It's a personalised method of note-taking

Sketchnoting allows individuals to create personalised notes that reflect their own understanding of the information. This can make it easier to remember the information as it's presented in a way that makes sense to the individual.

Overall, sketchnoting is an effective method of note-taking that can help to improve memory retention, comprehension, and engagement. It engages different parts of the brain, simplifies complex ideas, promotes active listening, and is a personalised method of note-taking. Whether you're a student or a professional, sketchnoting is a technique that's worth trying out to see if it works for you…or you can hire Sketchnotes UK to do it for you.

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