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About us.

Reporting, training and communicating effectively is important. But too many words can make your documents inaccessible and (if we are being really honest) a little bit BORING! 

At Sketchnotes UK we are experts at sifting through information, pulling out important bits and translating them in an inclusive way. We combine carefully selected words with simple, hand-drawn pictures to ensure that your communications get the attention they deserve.

Sketchnotes UK was founded in 2020 by Mandy Johnson after stepping down from her role as the CEO of a national charity. You can read more of Mandy's story in our blog.

Our team

In 2021, we were delighted to welcome Ali Spaul to the family. Ali is not employed by Sketchnotes UK - she has a full-time job at a charity - but she often sketchnotes under our umbrella as a Sketchnotes UK Associate.


Ali describes herself as a Sketchnoter, Community Organiser, Netball Fan, Participatory Grant Maker, Life Long Learner, Advocate of Joy and Mum of two fabulous Yorkshire Kids.

We are always on the look out for other people to join our sketchnoting family. We particular welcome enquiries from people with different cultures, backgrounds and lived experiences to our own.

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